4 Ways To Pull Off Statement Earrings Like A Pro!

4 Ways To Pull Off Statement Earrings Like A Pro!

Want the easiest way to punch up any outfit? Reach for a bonkers piece of jewelry. And right now, there’s nothing hotter than a pair of bright, shiny statement earrings. However, styling them can be a little tricky. Here are some helpful tips.


1. Keep other jewelry minimal. These earrings are called “statement” for a reason—you want them to be the main attraction. Dainty rings are OK on your hands, but don’t push the limits with a necklace.



2. Feel free to mix colors and patterns. Some ladies prefer a matchy-matchy palette with their earrings and outfit, but you’ll also turn heads in a contrasting pop of color.8e8ed18ea75723943970e4677e073d6c




3. Bust them out during the day. Yes, your first thought is “night out,” but you can absolutely rock these babies with a blazer during the day (if your office allows it) or a T-shirt on the weekends. Again, just keep everything else minimal.016e536f63cf76e267e604a9ceccea24



4. Experiment with your hair. A ponytail or updo is the most efficient way to show off your punchy baubles, but isn’t it kind of cool to veer from the expected? Statement earrings looks just as interesting peeking beneath some loose barrel curls.




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