FWAThere comes a time in everyone’s life when they decide to embrace their passion as though they can finally, throw all caution to the wind and say ‘I am who I am’, fashion has always been my passion and come to think of it the passion of many other people I know. We also love being who we are as Africans so why not build on that. I created this platform for the many lovers of fashion who would love to see their local tailors emerge as better dress makers who might even dare to call themselves designers by the time we finish with them.

To add spice to the program we also open the project to the teaming youngsters who have various talents to showcase but would otherwise not have the opportunity. One never knows when fame might come calling so don’t hold back. Approach us. The other reason I created fashion walk is to help snatch back our fashion identity from its many detractors. There is so much to love about what we can create as a people to properly identify us as equal promoters of fashion in the world. We invite you to join in the race. Fashion lovers, designers, talents, Models, talent hunters, come so we can make a better world for ourselves in promoting African Fashion.

Think it, See it, Do it!

I am Itomie.




FASHION WALK AFRICA is a TV Reality Competition generated by Itomie Entertainment. A family Entertainment outfit. The first of its kind in Nigeria. It revolves around aspiring designers who compete for a chance to break into the fashion Industry by creating different styles over a period of 12 weeks and aired for Thirteen (13) weeks in a season. They are restricted by Material, Theme and Time and are eliminated over the weeks.

Fashion Walk Africa debuted in Port Harcourt Rivers State for the 1st season in March, 2014.  It is an annual competition. The core mission of Fashion Walk is creating a platform for Up and Coming Designers, Tailors, Models, Student Designers whilst promoting Models, Artists, Actors etc.

Designers came from all over Nigeria to compete in a 12 weeks intensive competition which was judged in the following categories;

©            Interpretation of Theme

©            Esthetic Nature

©            Neatness

©            Use of Time

©            Ability to stay within budget

After the competition’s 12th episodes and the much elimination we arrived at the finale which takes place usually the 2nd week of December. The finalists are financially empowered to take leave and prepare their collections for the finale. And at the end the winner goes home with a cash prize of One million naira (N1, 000,000) only along with national and international exposure.


Fashion Walk Africa’s sole objective is promoting Africa fashion, fabrics and designers. To encourage upcoming African designers, Models, Artists and Actors in our platform by giving them the best possible exposure and sharpening their skills in a bid to promote African fashion and culture worldwide.


Fashion Walk Africa intends to use its platform to encourage talented youths to express themselves giving them a stage to bring on their individual unique talents. Thereby growing the Africa label in all spheres of entertainment as well as encourage upcoming in their field.


Train & Establish

We are grateful to our Sponsors/Partners who bought into the vision and assisted in making the project successful. We promise to remain focused on this platform so we can continue giving back to the society. We welcome all other companies wishing to associate with us to join us in a new silent revolution to groom a new generation of AFRICAN FASHION LOVERS.