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Kylie Jenner could be joining the rank of Super Models after all. Check out her latest photos from her Puma campaign. Kylie took to Instagram to share this photos with fans and wrote; “I’m so excited my Puma Fierce sneakers are officially available for purchase today! The slip-on sneakers are super comfy, lightweight and come in red, silver, white and black.”

As she shared on her Instagram page. More photos after the cut…

Will you be rocking the Kylie-inspired sneakers soon?

As every fashionista knows, there is no fashion item that can transform an outfit  from laid back to formal like shoe can. For extra class and sophistication, trust high heels to com t your rescue. However, one fact that cannot be over looked is knowing the right heel to wear especially during this holiday season where we would have tons of events to attend. While it’s doubtlessly true that a high heel will not be as comfortable as an orthopedic running shoe, it is also very possible that the reason why your feet hurt after you wear high heels for long is that you are simply wearing the wrong heel height.

1 . The 1.5 inch heel: This height is actually quite healthy for many people. It gives a bit of a lift, and arch support, without throwing you off balance. This kitten heel is also super cute and feminine, especially when paired with a retro hourglass silhouette. Some low heel designs look lie weaker version of high heel so look for the ones with straps.

2 . The 2.5 inch heel: This height is perfect for giving you a boost both in height and confidence, and it’s a bit more impressive than a low heel. Also known as a midi heel, this height looks great in a peep toe, a cone heel, or a slingback strap. These heels will not be out of place in the office, or at a more casual party.

3 . The 3.5 inch heel: At this height, they are perfect for every occasion, from the office to the fanciest of galas. If this is your ideal height, you are in luck, because you can look summery and casual in a wedge, or fiercely elegant in a pump.

4 . The 4.5 inch heel: At this heel height, you can opt for femme fatale point-toe shoes (just make sure your toes have enough wiggle room), or something more cheeky like a peep-toe. However, avoid mules or any other shoe design that won’t support your ankles and in-step.

5 . The 5 inch and above: At this height and higher, these shoes should be avoided. Shoes this high will put anyone’s feet into an unnatural angle that will throw you completely off balance, and could damage your toes, joints, and foot tendons.


Healthiest Heel Heights: Giuseppe Zanotti 5-Inch Heels


Which is your fav?





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When getting office shoes, the very first thing that you need to bear in mind is that there’s nothing more important than comfort, so opting for any type of footwear, comfort should be one of the primary factors shaping your choice.

1 . The Universal.It is best to start with the classic pumps. opt for more versatile options like the nude pump. This is really a universal and cool alternative for shaping your good looks irrespective of the style and the garments you’re wearing.

2 . Loafers And Oxford. Loafers and the Oxfords are really ethereal in terms of the designs and the contemporary synthesis of their classic forms and modern interpretations necessary for their perfect outcomes.

3 . Leather Ballet Flats. Ballet flats are a cute and sweet variant that you should consider. which will really make beautiful pairs with any type of apparel options from dresses to office combos, especially taking into account the fact that there are a number of styles of ballet flats footwear.

4 .The fact that you should not opt for high heels all day long doesn’t give you a reason to turn up with crazy options like flip-flops! Instead you may benefit from the super amazing flat alternatives, which should surely be lady-like ,you can go for the ones with little embellishments.

5 . Modest Heels.  Modest heels which do not do beyond three inches absolutely securing your good looks and helping you not to lose your beauty and charm in any situation including at work.

6 . Brogues. Opt for a pair of brogues  footwear when you want to wear heels but still want to have a power look.

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Seriously Stylish Ways To Wear a Statement Necklace

Cold weather layering isn’t just about clothes—it’s about accessories too. This season, neck piece are taking center stage in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Whether you’re simplifying with one statement necklace, trying your hand at layering delicate chains, or stacking chunky styles, there’s a look out there for every occasion.

Showcase a single statement piece with a blouse and blazer in complementing colors. Button the blouse up to the collar and pair it with a fitted blazer, so that the necklace is framed your outfit and tying it all together.


Try mixing and matching different shapes and symbols for a look that is totally unique.

Tip: Using the same type of metal makes pairing styles easier. Pair this look with an undone button-up with a moto jacket for an overall edgy vibe.


Stack thick chains in mixed metals to give your preppy sweater and collared shirt combo and edge


Add some color to your denim jacket meets t-shirt uniform with neck piece made from colorful rope or other brightly hued materials.

Statement-Necklaces-10A sparkling statement necklace will look elegant and cool next to zippers with brassy hardware and a buttoned to the collar top (especially if that top is made of leather, like this one).

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Fall/Winter 2016 Handbag trends.


Chunky hardware glistened its way down the runway this season, in designs from Versace, and many more. Either silver or gold hardware will complete your rock-and-roll look.


Fall 2016 Handbag Trends- Fur

No winter look is can be without fur (faux or otherwise). If a fur coat is too much for you, opt for one of these furry handbags, but be sure you don’t take them out of the house when it’s raining or snowing, as the damage you might cause them could be irreversible.

Exotic skins

Fall 2016 Handbags Trends- Exotic Skins

Many designers are adding exotic skins to their bread-and-butter designs to make their bags even more luxurious. Some great examples are Louis Vuiton, and although not pictured above, Hermes. There are many exotic skins to choose from, including alligator, crocodile, lizard, and the more durable, ostrich.

Box Bags

Fall 2016 Bag Trends- Box Bags

If you prefer a more structured look, a box bag might be the perfect bag for you. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana have been presenting box bags in their collections for a few years now, but more recently, others like Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo have jumped onto the box bandwagon as well.


Share with us your favorite trend..

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I believe with this collection hence I share:


We believe shoes can change the entire look and feel of an outfit if done right. Here are our top 10 shoes we think every woman should own

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There are the best color shoes to wear with green dresses and outfits & then there are the notsomuch! The three no-no colors with green include, in no particular order:

  1. Red ShoesImage result for Red Shoesunless you’re aiming for a Christmas-themed outfit. Yikes.

2. Blue or Navy Shoes– too similar the outfit shade to look great

3. Orange ShoesImage result for Orange Shoes –

could make you look a bit pumpkin-like when wearing a bright green dress or pants, but it can work with very dark khaki colors

4.Green ShoesImage result for Green Shoesunless you’re pairing 2 completely opposite shades of green together, or are going to be making an appearance on a red carpet somewhere, getting all matchy-machy with your greens will just be waaaay too much.

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Under Armour has joined the New York Fashion Week crowd with quite the show.

The Baltimore-based athletic brand hosted the launch of its UAS collection, or Under Armour Sportswear, on Sept. 15 in New York. The line of athleisure focused apparel and footwear was designed by Belgian-born Tim Coppens.

Under Armour announced the line earlier this year and said UAS would be a new extension of the brand’s athletic roots but with a more fashion-forward spin. Not surprisingly, under Coppens the collection played with shapes, proportion and has a very contemporary feel. The shoes were also a highlight and an obvious place where Coppens and Under Armour are stretching their athleisure lifestyle muscle. These weren’t performance but fashion sneakers, and a major departure from the Curry 2 basketball kicks or Speedform.

Under Armour Sportswear UAS at New York Fashion Week

Under Armour Sportswear UAS at New York Fashion Week

The collection was immediately shoppable online.

Of the sneakers sent down the runway, here were the styles you can shop now that caught our eye.

The sneaker boot lives — and like many brands, Under Armour offers its own spin with the men’s RLT Fat Tire Boot.

UAS at New York Fashion Week

The women’s Capeside Crew is a soft, contemporary high-top sneaker meets slip-on.

UAS at New York Fashion Week

The men’s Club Mid sneaker is also a cool take on the fashion-ready sneaker.

UAS at New York Fashion Week

Under Armour Sportswear UAS at New York Fashion Week

Under Armour Sportswear UAS at New York Fashion Week








Source: FootWearNews

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4 Pairs Every Guy Must Have

Without shoes, your outfit can never be complete. Shoes speak for your outfit.

Here are 4 must have shoes:

Black Shoes

black shoes for men

Black shoes are the most common pair every man must have. They can never do you wrong.

Brown Shoes

brown dress shoes for men

This daring pair of shoes, add color no matter how little to your overall outfit.


Boots for men

Lets go commando!!! This pair adds a strong look to your outfit, definitely commanding all the respect in the room.



This is one pair every man needs in their life for a laid back look. It portrays a top notch relaxed look.


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Teyana Taylor’s daughter, Iman Tayla

Inspired by her daughter, artiste Teyana Taylor has announced the launch of her new line of headwraps for babies called Baby Buddah Bug.

The headwraps come in a variety of fabrics, colours and prints, they also com pre-wrapped for easy use so all you have to do it put it on like a cap. The headwraps are priced from $35.00 to $80.00

The shop officially opens on August 20th, but you can peruse the styles and pre-order right now at BabyBuddahBug Online.

See more photos

Teyana Taylor Baby Buddah Bug bellanaijaScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 15.44.2682016_Teyana Taylor Baby Buddah Bug bellanaijaScreen Shot 2016-08-17 at 15.44.1182016_

Source & Photo Credit: Instagram | @babyjunie4, Super Selected


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Nigerian Label Amede, has released its Spring/Summer collection called “Born Free”. According to the creative director for the brand, Amede Nzeribe, the collection was inspired...