Want the easiest way to punch up any outfit? Reach for a bonkers piece of jewelry. And right now, there’s nothing hotter than a pair of bright, shiny statement earrings. However, styling them can be a little tricky. Here are some helpful tips.


1. Keep other jewelry minimal. These earrings are called “statement” for a reason—you want them to be the main attraction. Dainty rings are OK on your hands, but don’t push the limits with a necklace.



2. Feel free to mix colors and patterns. Some ladies prefer a matchy-matchy palette with their earrings and outfit, but you’ll also turn heads in a contrasting pop of color.8e8ed18ea75723943970e4677e073d6c




3. Bust them out during the day. Yes, your first thought is “night out,” but you can absolutely rock these babies with a blazer during the day (if your office allows it) or a T-shirt on the weekends. Again, just keep everything else minimal.016e536f63cf76e267e604a9ceccea24



4. Experiment with your hair. A ponytail or updo is the most efficient way to show off your punchy baubles, but isn’t it kind of cool to veer from the expected? Statement earrings looks just as interesting peeking beneath some loose barrel curls.




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Seriously Stylish Ways To Wear a Statement Necklace

Cold weather layering isn’t just about clothes—it’s about accessories too. This season, neck piece are taking center stage in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Whether you’re simplifying with one statement necklace, trying your hand at layering delicate chains, or stacking chunky styles, there’s a look out there for every occasion.

Showcase a single statement piece with a blouse and blazer in complementing colors. Button the blouse up to the collar and pair it with a fitted blazer, so that the necklace is framed your outfit and tying it all together.


Try mixing and matching different shapes and symbols for a look that is totally unique.

Tip: Using the same type of metal makes pairing styles easier. Pair this look with an undone button-up with a moto jacket for an overall edgy vibe.


Stack thick chains in mixed metals to give your preppy sweater and collared shirt combo and edge


Add some color to your denim jacket meets t-shirt uniform with neck piece made from colorful rope or other brightly hued materials.

Statement-Necklaces-10A sparkling statement necklace will look elegant and cool next to zippers with brassy hardware and a buttoned to the collar top (especially if that top is made of leather, like this one).

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“Earrings aren’t my thing” said no pretty lass ever. Be it diamonds, rubies, emeralds or just fashion accessories, ear rings have been a must-to-do accessory for the fairer sex since they learnt to neaten and polish their appearance.  However, ear-rings can either be your best friend or your worst enemies on any occasion and any time. If you wear a pair that disagrees with your facial structure, it’s a definite fashion disaster. This is why if we have mirrors at jewelry shops, so that you check out the earrings for your face shape on display, and then judge if it suits you or not.

Remember that time when you were rushing to the first date and you had your dress sorted out, your makeup so pretty and your shoes so chic, but what about the statement earrings? They just didn’t match up to what you were wearing or your face structure.


Now how do we know which are the best types of earrings for round face, or maybe how to choose the chicest type of earrings for oval face? Would Chaandbalis and jhumkas be the best earrings for square face or studs are best type of earrings for oval face? Let’s take a look and solve these queries once and for all by first understanding the face shape and types.

Face Shapes

Yes, just as we have the right fits for clothing and shoes, the same would be with earrings for your face shape as well. Here are a few tips to benefit the mass to understand how their facial contours and what ear-rings would be suitable for you:

Types Of Earrings For Face Shapes CF

For The Pretty Round Face Lass

If your face is widest at the cheekbones and has no visible tapering towards the chin, you have a round face. Based on this fact, you’re best advised to opt for long drops or the dangle ear-rings. This would help to elongate your face. However, stay away from dangle rings with round discs.   Model to follow would be Kate Bosworth.

Types Of Earrings For Round Face CF

For The Gorgeous Oblong Face Girl

If your forehead is elongated and your cheekbones are broad with a narrow width, you have an oblong face.  You can go for studs or clustered ear-rings or short dangles or rings with hoops that are medium to large in size.  Follow super model Joan Smalls as well; let her be your guide.

Type Of Earrings For Oblong Face CF

For The Sensual Square Face Lady

If your forehead and jaw are of similar length, then you have a square face. You can sport oval rings or circular rings, medium to long ones with a round edge or hoop ear-rings. Follow Miranda Kerr if you must.

Best Earrings For Square Face CF

For The Cute Heart Shape Face PYT

If your forehead is wider than the cheekbones and the lower half of your face is similar to a heart, well, you’ve a heart shaped face.  Get the chandelier shaped rings or tear drop like rings or those that are wider at the bottom than the top.  Follow celebrities like Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Claudia Schiffer, and Naomi Campbell to seek guidance.

Type Of Earrings For Heart Face

For The Sassy Oval Shape Face Woman

The gods were happy when they sculpted you they gave you a face for ear-rings of all sorts and shapes and kinds. However if the fashion consultants be considered, triangular ear-rings or simple studs be best for you! Model to be followed would be Rose Byrne.

Type Of Earrings For Oval Face CF


Do let us know what you thought about our mini guide on earrings for your face shape. If you also would like to share your experiences when picking up earrings to suit your face, we welcome you to send us your thoughts.





Credits: FashionLady, Pinterest, Blogs, Google

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Isabella Gemma is a retail jewelry brand that collects exquisite jewelry designs from jewelry designers globe over.

This holiday season we are geared to help you celebrate in style with our selection of trendy jewelry. Seize your moment and truly dazzle at any event this season in our ornate jewelry collection.

Shop now for exquisite hand crafted to perfection pieces for yourself or a gift for a loved one.

Thrown on some holiday sparkle now, shop online or visit their showroom at Sennia House 41a Joel Ogunnaike, Street, GRA Ikeja, Lagos

Enter the discount Code ISGXMAS at checkout online and mention the 10% off promotion in store.

Opening hours 9AM to 6PM Mondays- Saturdays.

Social Media
Instagram – @isabellagemma
Facebook – bellagemmajewelry
Twitter – @isabellagemmang

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There’s no better way to brighten up your wardrobe than with decorative jewels, Sparkles Jewelries is just the store that can achieve that.

‘Sparkles Jewelries’ is an essential fashion luxury with very affordable jewelries with a lifetime guarantee. Want a luxury lifestyle? try shopping at sparkles jewelries.

Contact: 08099779355, BBPin:2BD5AA5A

Instagram: @sparklesjewelries

Photos below:

sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva

sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva.JPG0

sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva.JPG1

sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva.JPG2

sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva.JPG3

sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva.JPG4

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sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva.JPG6

sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva.JPG7

sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva.JPG8

sparkles jewelries fashionpheeva.JPG9

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According to the Creative Director of Bland2Glam, “With this collection, there is a touch of the dynamic, high-spirited woman Yemi Alade is. From the fearless Kingpin set to the cupid-like romantic ‘Stay Smitten’ set, you will find pieces that reflect the inimitable dynamism of today’s African woman”

See the fabulous work below.











Photo Credits
Photography: @chyder5
Styling: @ozinna
Product Photography: @efzibakomolafe
Make Up: @ifepinkies
Hair: @bernardsmiless

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Technology has been influencing fashion since the beginning of time and it’s no surprise that the theme for this year’s Met Gala is “Fashion in the Age of Technology”.

Fashion is constantly evolving, and in recent years we have witnessed the impact that technology has had on the way that consumers and retailers shop. The increase in new technologies has changed our relationship with fashion and high-tech accessories are becoming more and more popular.

We have studied the top fashion technology trends and how they shape the fashion world today. From clothing that changes appearance in different environments to 3D printing innovations, here are five tech-savvy accessories that are revolutionising style.

3D Printing

3D printed clothing is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world. Dita Von Teese made headlines in 2013 when she modelled the first 3D printed gown designed by Michael Schmidt. But Schmidt is not the only designer fusing fashion and technology, one of the most inventive creations that combines both fashion and technology has been created by Dutch designer, Anouk Wipprecht.

Wipprecht designed a collection of interactive 3D printed dresses for Audi, two of which included parking sensors which trigger flashes of light in the dress when someone gets close to the wearer. The designs are a breathtakingly beautiful example of technology’s recent influence on fashion.

Dual Purpose Jewellery

Did you know that there’s a stylish way to stay safe while out on your own?

In the modern era we lead demanding lives and are often forced to multitask, thus it makes sense that the same would apply to our wardrobes. This is probably one of the reasons why dual purpose jewellery is becoming so popular. One such piece that has combined tech and fashion comes from the company CuffLink, who has designed necklaces, cuffs and bangles with Bluetooth capabilities.

This jewellery can send emergency alerts to loved ones when you need help, they require no charging and last for 6 to 12 months (depending on the frequency of use) and they are water-resistant.


Solar Clothing & Accessories

Charge your phone with your clothing using solar energy. With just an hour in the sun you could charge your smartphone up to 50%, and it’s possible through the use of flexible solar panels sewn into your clothing. Wearable Solar is behind this great idea, while Voltaic Systems makes bags that can also charge various electronic devices.

voltaic systems solar bags

Wearable Solar

Chameleon Clothing

If you want your clothing to change its appearance according to its environment, then these garments by Rainbow Winters will suit you fine. Some of the items react to sound, while others, such as the bathing suit, react to light.

There is also a brilliant collection by fashion designer Ying Gao, who creates dresses that move when people look at them. The garments have eye-tracking technology embedded into them which react when someone looks at them by activating tiny motors. The dresses also resemble something that would be at home in the deep blue of the ocean, thanks to the luminescent and glow-in-the-dark fabrics used to create them.


Audio Clutch

Sometimes the greatest way technology has shaped the fashion industry is by catering to it. Instead of creating a futuristic garment that changes colour or moves, designer Rebecca Minkoff chose to work around technology.  In this case she crafted four incredibly stylish clutch bags which store a speaker. These bags feature stud detailing, a “love” print, come in classic metallics or bold colours. The Audio Clutch pairs wirelessly to any Bluetooth device, and is the perfect design for any music lover.

Technology is rapidly influencing the fashion industry, can you imagine what will happen in the next two or three decades? We think that the truly successful brands of the future will utilise the latest technology trends and incorporate them into their designs.


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It’s Fall and outfit colour choices have found their way to darker and more neutral and earthly tones. However, you can spice up your look with sparkly jewelries which are known to tweak your toned-down look and give it some sort of flair!

Shine in any of these!

Featured Jewerly

Accessories By:

Kenneth Jay Lane, Kevia, Iris and Ink, Elizabeth and James, Ileana Makri, Shourouk.

Shop all accessories @

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The Wrap Life, a Brooklyn based company that fashions head wraps, jewellery, and other handmade treats started by Nnenna Stella, a waitress turned entrepreneur.She started the company out of a futile search for head wraps with fabrics and prints she liked, she decided she needed to fill in a gap – to start selling head wraps. The Wrap Life (TWL) has since proven itself to be a hub of style and trend inspiration.

The lookbook displays a collection of vivacious African print head wraps worn in diverse ways styled with colourful and assorted costume jewelry.

The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (3)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (4)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (5)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (6)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (7)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (8)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (9)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (10)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (11)

The-Wrap-LifeThe-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (13)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (14)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (15)The-Wrap-Life-Lookbook-OnoBello (16)

Photography: Dexter Ryan Jones

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Just saw this online and love it! Don’t you like them…bead can make a statement in our fashion styles the way gold and silver metal jewelries do, while identifying us as Africans. So, once every now and then you should resort to beads accessories, the one below is so colourful and creative. You can copy her and make exact one for yourself.


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  Cool kicks are totally in right now but the big question is whether or not they are appropriate for wearing to work. The short answer...