Want the easiest way to punch up any outfit? Reach for a bonkers piece of jewelry. And right now, there’s nothing hotter than a pair of bright, shiny statement earrings. However, styling them can be a little tricky. Here are some helpful tips.


1. Keep other jewelry minimal. These earrings are called “statement” for a reason—you want them to be the main attraction. Dainty rings are OK on your hands, but don’t push the limits with a necklace.



2. Feel free to mix colors and patterns. Some ladies prefer a matchy-matchy palette with their earrings and outfit, but you’ll also turn heads in a contrasting pop of color.8e8ed18ea75723943970e4677e073d6c




3. Bust them out during the day. Yes, your first thought is “night out,” but you can absolutely rock these babies with a blazer during the day (if your office allows it) or a T-shirt on the weekends. Again, just keep everything else minimal.016e536f63cf76e267e604a9ceccea24



4. Experiment with your hair. A ponytail or updo is the most efficient way to show off your punchy baubles, but isn’t it kind of cool to veer from the expected? Statement earrings looks just as interesting peeking beneath some loose barrel curls.




Photo Source: Google image

Share with us your own stylish way to rock statement earrings…

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Using Her Grief for Glory! ‘FASHION & BEAUTY’ Issue Features Vimbai Mutinhiri

It’s not often we come across celebrities that seem relatable, but despite her present fame Vimbai Mutinhiri feels like a true girl next door. After taking part in reality show Big Brother Africa (BBA) Amplified in 2011, she moved to Nigeria from South Africa.

In this issue, the TV Presenter and Producer also models MASTER PIECES from South African designer David Tlale’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection and shows us THE ART of FASHION & BEAUTY in the accompanying editorial shoot.

But it hasn’t all smooth sailing, Vimbai has lost both a fiancé and elder sister Belinda and tells us how she is using her grief for glory.

Full issue coming out soon… Stay tuned!

 Cover & Shoot Credits

Photography: Reze Bonna (Instagram: @rezebonna)

Creative Direction & Styling: Harvellas Styles (Instagram: @harvellasstyles) | Team

Outfits: David Tlale (Instagram: @davidtlale)

Make Up for Beauty Shoot: Anita Brows (Instagram: @anitabrows)

Make Up for Fashion Shoot: Blessing Onumaegbu for FlawlessBee (Instagram: @flawlessbee42)

Wig: Hair by Ugo (Instagram: @hairbyugo)

Hair Stylist & Nail Technician: Reuben Mwanzi (Instagram: @reubynazi)

Make your daily destination!

For advert and partnership enquiries email us: m | Tel: +234 816 264 8803 | Instagram:@onobello | @obstreetstyle | Twitter: @onobello | Facebook & Snapchat: Ono Bello

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The Genevieve Beauty Awards is finally here and your favourite beauty brands and people will be recognized for their exceptional efforts in the beauty and wellness sectors.

The awards ceremony will hold at Intercontinental Hotel in Lagos on Sunday, 13th of November, 2016.

The award nominations have gone through a fair voting process and judged by industry experts so that the recipients of the awards are truly best-in-class.

Image result for genevieve beauty award

Genevieve Beauty Awards is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the beauty and wellness sectors.


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Beauty vlogger Efik Zara has a new video and it’s all about tips to help you grow long, strong and healthy hair. Zara has natural hair but a lot of the tips apply to all hair types, like avoiding heat and trimming your ends when necessary. Here’s what she said;

Just wanted to share my 7 “Dos” for growing and retaining natural hair! I’ve used these practices to grow my hair long, thick, and healthy. They are my type 4 staples but they work very well for all hair types. I hope you enjoy!

Watch the Video

Just to add a few tips of my own;

  • Eating right goes a long way when it comes to the health of your hair and your body in general. Think garbage in garbage out, it’s really that simple. Keep your hair moisturised as well.
  • A daily scalp massage could also go a long way, it stimulates your hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It also feels very nice and relaxing so you have nothing to lose.
  • Protective styling is great, when you’re not manipulating your hair all the time, it reduces the chances of breakage or damage from the weather/climate. Protective styling helps you retain length so you loose less hair in comparison to how much your hair grows and eventually, your hair will seem longer.
  • Avoid heat as much as possible and find other ways to stretch your hair and use a satin scarf bonnet to help you protect your hair at night. Use a t-shirt to dry your hair when wet, not a towel.

All these tips are things I do regularly (except the daily massage which has worked well for TheChicNatural) but it has worked for me in the past and it feels so good!

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Do you  desire to own a skincare product range or Beauty spa ? Register now for the much anticipated Skincare Workshop  that has raised a number of  Beauty Entrepreneurs.
At Kaira Beauty line  we teach the Fundamentals  of skin ,the study of cosmetic components, their safety, concentrations & combination. How to design, personalize, produce and package skincare products .
Certificates will also be issued at the end of the program.
Products to be thought at this August/ September workshop includes :
– Body butters
-Face cleansers
-Face toners
– Body wash
-Black soap
– Body scub
-Cream base
-moisturizing lotions
-Snow White cream
– Half cast cream
-Egyptian white cream
-Lightening oil
-white spots skin treatment
-vaginal tightening wash
-stretch mark control cream
-Spa facial services ( Acne, pimples and Anti- aging facials)
-Eye Brow waxing & Body waxing

Program schedule and fees are :
Weekday classes ( 2 weeks) – N80,000
Weekend classes ( 3 weeks) – N100,000
Private personal classes -N150,000
Start date for  programs is  Monday  22nd of August 2016. Registration ends on the 29th of August ..

Kaira Beauty line also stocks raw ingredients for making cream and soaps.
Glutathione powder
Kojie San Soaps, Glutathione soaps
Glutathione whitening pills
Alpha arbutin powder
Filipino powder with solutions( for half caste creams)
Beeswax, Ewax , stearic acid
Cream bases
Vitamin A
Grape Seed Oil , Argan oil , jojoba oil
Lemon Oil ,carrot oil
Castle soap
Sweet almond Oil
Avocado oil, Tea tree oil, vit E oil
Sandalwood powder
*Mango Butter, cocoa butter
Kojic acid
Nicinamide , licorice
Snow white powder
Whitening glycerin
Turmeric powder
Lactic acid ,Glycolic acid
Different Fragrances
Germal plus such as :
Glutathione powder
Kojie San Soaps, Glutathione soaps
Glutathione whitening pills
Alpha arbutin powder
Filipino powder with solutions( for half caste creams)
Beeswax, Ewax , stearic acid
Cream bases
Vitamin A
Grape Seed Oil , Argan oil , jojoba oil
Lemon Oil ,carrot oil
Castle soap
Collagen and papaya extract
Avocado oil, Tea tree oil, vit E oil
Sandalwood powder
*Mango Butter, cocoa butter
Kojic acid
Nicinamide , licorice
Snow white powder
Whitening glycerin
Turmeric powder
Lactic acid ,Glycolic acid
Different Fragrances & preservatives

To Register for the class call or whatsApp -08081499416
To come in for spa facials or body waxing call – 07058566606
To buy cream & soap making ingredients call or what’s app- 08081499416

Address : 8 Aare-ago ( Abudu) street off university road , Abule- oja , yaba, Lagos.

Some participants at our previous workshop…

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D’Artiste by Dodos presents ‘The Hands-on Makeup Master-Class Vol 2’ for all makeup professionals and non-professionals, Skincare Junkies hosted by award winning Makeup Artist and Beauty Vlogger Dodos Uvieghara following a successful kick off in December 2015. Dodos is popularly known for her flawless clean looks created on brides, celebrities like Genevieve Nnaji, Asa, Eku Edeworand more.

Registration includes hours of live makeup instruction and demonstration, hands-on personalized training, raffle prizes, sandwiches, cupcakes, Q & A and much more.

The first 30 people who register, will receive a makeup goodie bag filled with makeup brands like Taos Cosmetics, Yanga Beauty, Zaron, Sleek Studio, Blot Cosmetics, BeautyRevNg, Nuban Beauty, Hegai & Esther, NYX, L.A girl and more.

The fun-filled makeup workshop is for anyone who needs a little or a lot of instruction to achieve do-it your
self “flawless” makeup application. The techniques (along with products and color suggestions) will be tailored to meet your individual needs – to ensure you look your best!

dodos uvieghara d''artiste by dodos masterclass bellanaijaIMG_015982016_

Dr Ebele Ugochukwu

This workshop will have two sessions with guest speaker, Dermatologist Dr Ebele Ugochukwu of Sleek Studio Nigeria sharing tips and tricks on ‘Secrets to a Healthy Skin.’ So come with all skin related questions and problems

You are encouraged to bring your own makeup. If you’ve purchased makeup and have little to no idea how to use it, now’s your time to bring it to the workshop and they will show you how to use it like a pro. Bring it all! Additionally, bring your makeup brushes and be prepared to get your hands dirty as you practice on yourself while Dodos demonstrates.

Seating is limited, due to the one-on-one attention we plan to give to each participant.

Fee: 15,000 Only!
Registration Contact: 08139340801 or 07066552262 Email Registration ends on September 1st, So, get your tickets soon!
Date: Sunday, September 4th 2016
Time: 1PM – 6 PM
Venue: Sleek Studio Square 141 Ahmadu Bello (Opposite Silverbird Galleria) Victoria Islands

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Hi Everyone!

There’s a lot of information out there on skincare products and ingredients that are good for fighting blemishes, but great skin doesn’t only come from what you put on your skin but from adopting certain habits too. Here are some handy tips to go hand in hand with your skincare routine that’ll keep your skin in tip top shape.

1) Disinfect Your Phone

Hands in the air if you regularly sanitise your phone. Yes, just as I thought. I only see a few. Tsk tsk guys! Everyone please go out and buy some hand sanitiser today, and every evening apply some to a cotton pad and wipe down your phone. Phones apparently carry more bacteria than a toilet bowl (yuck), and we are constantly holding a major source of bacteria next to our cheeks, or holding it in our hands and touching our faces (double yuck). So please sanitise in order to reduce exposing your skin and keeping it as clean and healthy as possible.

2) Tweak Your Diet

Does sugar cause acne? Yes! Too much insulin in your bloodstream can trigger the growth of pore clogging cells and boost sebum production. Excess Sebum + Dead Skin Cells = Pore Blockage.  So avoid refined sugary snacks and drinks and make the switch from High Glycemic Index foods like white bread and rice to Low Glycemic Index foods like sweet potatoes (I actually love these and can eat them everyday), oatmeal and bulgur wheat.

3) Exercise

This works in two ways. Exercise reduces stress (stress leads to your hormone levels becoming imbalanced, leading to breakouts), and physical activity increases blood circulation which sends more oxygen to your skin cells and carries cell waste away, leaving your pores cleaner and clearer. However, don’t forget to shower afterwards because all that waste, oil and dirt can actually break you out. Life is truly a conundrum.

black woman working out exercise drinking water dreamstime

4) Up Your Water Intake

I’ve mentioned this HERE before, but it’s worth mentioning again – your skin is 64% water. Your skin is also the largest body organ and the last organ to receive any water that you consume. So if you aren’t drinking enough, your skin becomes dehydrated, leading to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin could also increase oil production to make up for the lack of moisture which could lead to pore blockages and therefore blemishes. So drink at least 2 litres a day, and if you are a real G make it 3!

5) Drink Some Tea

We all know that drinking certain types of teas have great health benefits – but did you know that some teas are good for your complexion as well? Tea is packed with antioxidants which can keep your skin hydrated and radiant, reduce inflammation and reverse sun damage. My two favourite Glow Inducing Teas areGreen Tea which is loaded with anti aging minerals, and Rooibos Tea which is amazing for acne inflammation. Another tea that is currently getting a lot of buzz in beauty circles for fighting blemishes is Spearmint Tea, as it is said to balance hormones – so if you suffer from hormonal acne (which is truly the worst, I’ve been there) this might be worth a try!

6) Change Your Pillowcases Often

Not changing pillowcases regularly can lead to Acne Mechanica – which is any type of acne that is caused by materials or objects touching your face. Pillowcases carry a lot of dirt and oil from your skin and hair, and pressing your freshly cleansed face against this at night for HOURS means you could wake up to clogged pores and blemishes.

7) Clean Your Makeup Tools

Makeup brushes and tools also harbour bacteria and dead skin cells which could also lead to the aforementioned Acne Mechanica, so it is important to wash them every week and use an antibacterial spray after each use to keep your brushes and tools sanitised. If you get your makeup done by a professional, always ask if they could kindly spray the brushes before they are used on you (in your presence) because I have heard several horror stories about unclean tools and eye infections, skin irritations and all sorts.

And that’s it folks! There’s no point in investing so much money on skincare products if you are unknowingly negating what you are working towards, so give some (or all if you can) of these tips a try.

Until Next Time,


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Makeup artist Chisorom Okere is one creative mind who loves to be inspired by any and everything around her, even something as simple as our Naija sponges.

In this beauty shoot, the MUA used the sponges and their various colours to inspire her makeup looks for each model and goes on to use the sponges as accessories for each look.

The vibrant colours range from red, yellow, purple, pink and orange, with contrasting dark lips and smokey eyes.

Be Inspired!

See the Photos

Okere Chisorom bn beauty bellanaijaIMG_20160711_06004672016_Okere Chisorom bn beauty bellanaijaIMG_20160711_06153672016_Okere Chisorom bn beauty bellanaijaIMG_20160711_06271072016_Okere Chisorom bn beauty bellanaijaScreen Shot 2016-07-23 at 18.46.3672016_

Photography: Cre8tivityby12 Photography @cre8tivityby12
Models: Amaka Oguike Brendalyne | @divamaka, Dami | @dharmie92, Elizabeth | @ms_lisani
Makeup and Styling: Chisorom Okere @b.e.a.u.t.i.f.i.e.d

Don’t you just LIKE IT?!

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Got long hair or wanting long hair but not sure what you can do with it, well believe you are not limited to the light bulb afro hair look, especially those who would hate to damage their scalps by perming or weaving. Here are some styles that will only need a hot comb.


1/ Braiding In Style

afro hair styles (1)

afro hair styles (3)

Unlike the usual braiding we all know of, this is more like styling your hair with braid strands to help hold it together and make it sit perfectly to the preferred shape. Styles like this can be fixed within 20 minutes before your night out.

2/ Bun

afro hair styles (2)

bun (1)

bun (2)

Another simply styles, ones your hair it hot combs and pulled to the back, you tie it up. At times one can by a hair clip if if your hair is not long enough to form a puffy bun and clip on a synthetic hair bun.

3/ Bantu Knots

afro hair styles (4)


Okay, Bantu knots is not as quick and you would really need to be fairly skilled to not require a third party. However, some girls do manage to work it through themselves. And still capable to fix in less than an hour depending on what style your knots are held in. If its simply left to puff out, then you can have it done in no time.

4/ Afro Mohawk




afro mohawk

Afro Mohawk has never received the attention it needs and when it does, it could be a game changer. Obviously some of the images here are professionally done but overall one can get the concept. Very similar to braiding in style, it’s a process of folding and tucking away your side hair and leaving out the top in a mohawk style. That can be tied up or braided up.

5.  Now this is you space…#winks
Let us know in the comment section which hair do you think can be pulled off quickly and it may just be added here. Or let us know which look works best for you.

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African fashion is in, mainstream magazines are denying it but the movement is sweeping them off their feet. And headwrapping is one feature that is within the new fashion revoluton. From Africa to Europe, to America, print’s, headwraps and African jewelry are redefining trends.

Call it what you want, Doku, Duku, gele etc, how-to headwrap videos are going viral. However of all the headwrap styles, one of them seems to be making waves. We noticed it had appeared more often than others when surfacing social media and African photoshoots. Unfortunately as the headwrap styles do not have individual names we can only show you by images of ladies rocking it only within the past 24 hours.

If you got a hot headwrap picture you like us to get on. Post it on instagram and hashtag #FGStyle. For now see the images below.

@aliciakeys drawing by @thick_east_african_girl
@aliciakeys drawing by @thick_east_african_girl
Here is a video of how to get it on. Go to look number 2. Also check out IG: @wrapqns


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  Cool kicks are totally in right now but the big question is whether or not they are appropriate for wearing to work. The short answer...