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Cool kicks are totally in right now but the big question is whether or not they are appropriate for wearing to work. The short answer is  maybe. Of course, you’re the best one to gauge what you can wear at your workplace because let’s face it sneakers won’t suit every office but if worn well they can definitely look office appropriate. Here’s how:

1. Only wear new or clean sneakers. If you’re wearing sneakers to work then they better look spotless. Dirty, scuffed kicks simply won’t cut it in the office.


2. Pick a cool pair. Not all sneakers are created equal so be sure to chose a pair that will work  8d488bde5a445bfe20e82640f8f2489b.jpg (266×765)


3. Dress them up with black pants, skirts and dresses. Black always looks chic and has a way of making most outfits look instantly stylish. So pair your sneakers with a stylish pair of tailored black pants or a long-line skirt or dress. Resist the urge to wear tight jeans or denim as this always shouts weekend.



4. Wear your best bag. Accessories do become important when wearing sneakers to work. You want your entire outfit to look polished and a structured handbag will help you achieve this. Save your oversized floppy bags for the weekend.bc97c4cbb73a16482f8f75eebca79928.jpg (299×783)


5. Have fun with it and show your personality. Sneakers may be traditionally seen as weekend wear but if you want to wear them to work you almost need to make a little more effort with your outfit. The juxtaposition between a tailored look and a pair of sneakers will really highlight the fact that the sneakers are there to make a bold (420×560)


6. Try white, black, grey, navy, tan – or metallic. Classic black or white sneakers are the obvious choice but don’t rule out grey, navy, tan or even metallic. The main rule of thumb is to avoid bright colors like pinks, red and bright blues and greens as these will always look more at home in the gym than in the office.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.14.48 PM


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Summer dresses are our go-to picks when the weather starts to get a little steamy. Having a little trouble figuring out which shoes will go best with your short dress?…………. We got you!

  • Match with a pair of comfy sandals. Just because it’s comfy, doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable! Flat sandals are your go-to option when you need to quickly slide into a pair of shoes. Fringe is also back in action, so get in touch with your inner boho side and look for playful details.


  • The stacked heel! Grab a sundress-friendly hue like navy or tan to pair with a floral frock, or keep it simple with a black stacked heel for a more polished shoe option. Plus, the thicker heel keeps you comfortable and on your feet all day long.


  • Peep-toe Boots. It’s time to put away your favorite old boots and upgrade to a style that is more appropriate for the season. The ankle boot is our year-round staple, but swap in a peep-toe boot to wear with a mid-length sundress this season.


  • Lace-up Flats! These ankle-baring shoes are a perfect match for your most feminine dresses like fit and flare or a tulle midi skirt ensemble.

Image result for how to style sundresses with lace up flats


For those days when the weather gets warmer, keep it simple and fashionable with these total outfits.

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The high waisted pencil skirt is one of the unmissable basics in a woman’s wardrobe. I bet you have a form-fitted skirt in your closet, I bet it’s black, and I bet that you pair it with a white shirt 80% of the time. But what about being more playful, and start to wear it everyday?

The “Bon Ton” Style: Pencil Skirt Tucked Top

Styling a pencil skirt with the top tucked in is one of the best alternatives you have if you want a simple and stylish outfit that doesn’t look too obvious. Plus, it’s a great choice if you want to enhance your body shape and look taller.

Here’s how:

  • When you tuck a top right at the waist level, it makes your legs look longer, so your figure is re-proportioned to look longer and slimmer.
  • When the waistband is thick, it will also keep your stomach tucked in together with the top, taking off inches from your waistline.
  • If you are petite, or have a short bust, consider keeping a similar shade for the top and bottom of your outfit, so your figure looks balanced. The leather high waisted pencil skirt in the outfits above is a good example!
  • On the other hand, if you feel your bust is too long, tuck in a top in a contrasting hue, and it will look a bit shorter.

But what if you can’t decide on what kind of top you should tuck in?

In that case, just use this simple rule: the thinner, the better!

So while you can wear just like every kind of top on your pencil skirt, make sure the fabric isn’t too thick so you can stay comfy and the top will be seamlessly tucked in.

The Easy Style: High Waisted Pencil Skirt Loose or Untucked Top

Image result for black girl pencil skirt and tucked top

There are many ways of wearing a pencil skirt with an untucked top, and every time you’ll get a different mood

  • If you love structured and flattering tops, you can opt for a bold look wearing a peplum top. Pairing it with a high waisted pencil skirt will keep an accent on the waistline, but at the same time, it minimizes big hips.
  • A simple t-shirt on a tight pencil skirt is one of the trending model off-duty outfits. And in fact, it makes the classic pencil skirt high heels outfit look more relaxed and easy.
  • Are you looking for a cushy and cozy outfit? Then just pair any pencil skirt with a big cozy sweater and you’re done. For how comfy this look seems, it’s also very flattering and gives you a fresh twist. My only suggestion here is just to wear it with heels, to avoid looking like a penguin because of the cloth volume on the top of your body!
  • A preppy outfit is another great mood to get with a high waisted pencil skirt and untucked top. Just make sure you wear a soft cardigan and make it interesting adding a shirt or some funny accessories, like bold necklaces, bracelets or just a cool bag.

The Sprint Style: High Waisted Pencil Skirt Flats

Image result for black girl pencil skirt and flats

Flats are everything in spring and summer, that’s why they look great with colored outfits and bare legs.

Here’s some stylish ways to wear flats and athletic shoes under a pencil skirt:

  • Preppy and prints: a printed high waisted pencil skirt with a simple top and a pair of sandals or ballerinas, immediately make a mood without the need of adding accessories, makeup and all the rest. That’s the perfect style for those days when you wanna look put together without much effort. Just one side-note. When you opt for flats pay attention to the hemline of your skirt and keep it a bit above the knee, or you’ll look too old fashioned.
  • Sneakers and running shoes? Yes! Because if you know how to style them, they look good even under a gown. Here’s the secret: try to make them coherent with the rest of the outfit, at least for one thing. It might be a color accent or a sporty twist you add with other accessories, whatever that makes understand you didn’t just grab the first things in your wardrobe!

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Nigerian Label Amede, has released its Spring/Summer collection called “Born Free”.

According to the creative director for the brand, Amede Nzeribe, the collection was inspired by her mother’s photo album from the 70’s bohemian and hippie era.

True to its inspiration, the collection taps into the vibrant but easy vibe of the seventies: flowy silhouettes, wide leg pants, and tie-dye, which is actually an Amede signature.

View the collection below.


Creative direction: Precious John | @precious_john

Photographer: Felix Crown | @felixcrown

Makeup: Cass | @casskoncept

Hair: Sunnyking Enang | @sunnykingenang

Model: @teminikan__ of @fewmodels.

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Bold prints are the need-it-now item to inject some va-va-voom into minimal or neutral outfits this season. Florals are always a must in spring, Plus, they make for some much need color and vibrancy in the winter. This season, polka dots, stripes and old fashion florals are key prints for men. But lean more toward pastels and muted tones for a quieter vibe.


Shirts, shorts and shoes are all getting the bold print treatment. So, learning how to wear the print trend. Don’t be scared to work in your own individual style, and have fun playing around with different patterns and new color ways.


By design, printed shirts are a lot more casual than their dress shirt counterparts. But, that doesn’t mean you should shun the joining of a leopard print shirt with tailored black jeans or a neon hibiscus shirt tucked into formal trousers. In fact, get it right, and the combination is all the more impressive.



Print leg wear provides the chance to make a real statement. The same rules apply: make the print the focal point of your look, hushing the rest of your outfit. Keep it basic up top, White cotton shirts cannot be overlooked. The other important aspect? Matching your printed trouser to your footwear. Simple is best. So, look to footwear every man should own. “A casual sneaker, dress shoe and sandal will work well.”



The bomber jacket is one of the hottest men’s style piece to own in any season, all social occasions and even to the office. So, it makes perfect sense for the trend heavyweight to collide with  bold prints.




Before the idea imprints into your brain, you shouldn’t really consider wearing head-to-toe prints Instead, let a subtly printed blazer provide the statement


More of the shy style guy? Bold prints are still for you, thanks to accessories. With tailoring, neckerchiefs or a pocket square inject vibrancy, while the rest of your look is sleepy, yet chic. And old faithful  socks, as well as shoes and even a t-shirt. when layered by a jacket or blazer prove easy ways to incorporate prints. Don’t be scared to work in your own individual style, and have fun playing around with different patterns and new color ways.

Textural prints and dark coloured patterns are safer still, and can lift a monochrome outfit, even for minimalists.

“Printed accessories are key pieces to complete the outfit. Just make sure to keep the patterns on scale  and stick with one type of floral, resisting the need to mix paisley with hibiscus. “Above all, the little additions make any plain suit stand out.”

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Let’s talk about oversized sweaters. In today’s article we are going to see 10 awesome oversized sweaters to shop and wear now. This cozy piece is a perfect choice for those ladies who want to keep things both relaxed and sweet. In this compilation are gathered dress-like sweaters, drop-shoulder ribbed knits, off-shoulder white-grey styles, wide-striped sweater-dresses and charcoal sweatdresses, elongated designs and chunky knit versions. As you can see, most of ladies wear exaggerated knitwear paired with leather skinnies, long skirts, high knitted socks, thigh-high boots, ripped boyfriends, etc.

Oversized Sweaters (1)

We see lady wearing cozy printed cream-white sweater with black leggings tucked in camel ankle-boots. I am in love with brimmed black hat and matching color leather handbag.

The off-shoulder look comes with a quite slouchy and oversized fit idal for everyday use. This style is a perfect way to show off a bit of your skin. I love to pair big sweaters with sexy leggings, creating a balanced silhouette, where top is exaggerated and bottom is slim. You can experiment with layers by layering your lovely sweater on top of a dress. It looks both chic and comfy. I recommend to choose a maxi gown so it can be layered by your lovely sweater. If the knitwear is long enough, then you can always wear it as a dress. Or you can try on big chunky sweater and style it with a shirt tied around the waist. Those of you who likes laidback casual looks, then this piece of clothing is a must-have in your closet. You can either create modern cool-girl uniforms, either boho-chic looks. If you are unsure how to pull off oversized sweater this year, then I highly recommend to take a look through this compilation and find those styles what will ideally fit your everyday looks.

Slouchy ribbed-knit red drop-shoulder sweater looks fabulous paired with blue washed skinny jeans:

Oversized Sweaters (2)

A drop-shoulder grey-white sweater looks amazing styled with ripped light blue boyfriends paired with cream-blush pointed-toe pumps. Complete the outfit by adding slouchy black leather handbag


Oversized Sweaters (3)

Wide multi striped long-sleeve sweater-dress looks retro-inspired. Try it on with cream-beige shoulder bag and pointed-toe, glossy blush pumps:

Oversized Sweaters (4)

Dark charcoal sweatdress looks sexy styled with over-the-knee matching color knitted socks tucked in lace-up black booties. Complete the outfit by adding blush wrap scarf and geometric shaped black leather shoulder bag

Oversized Sweaters (5)

That’s what I call grunge addicted. We see blonde lady wearing ribbed knit charcoal long-sleeve sweater dress updated with checkered shirt tied around the waist. Complete the look by adding aviator sunglasses, black leather backpack and grey suede flat over-the-knee boots worn with burgundy high socks:

Oversized Sweaters (6)

Cream-white long sweater is updated with a black-white long-sleeve top tied around the waist. Complete the outfit by adding black-grey skinnies styled with black suede booties:

Oversized Sweaters (7)

Bright white loose-fit sweater looks awesome styled with grid print white knee-length skirt and black leather glossy pointed toe shoes:

Oversized Sweaters (8)


High-neck exaggerated white sweater will ideally fit your favorite black-grey skinnies tucked in pointed-toe black leather booties:

Oversized Sweaters (10)

Who said you can’t have them in dress forms..

Pair it with sneakers  for that casual effect.


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Renowned Fashion Label, Diane Von Furstenberg unveils its pre-fall 2017 collection and it features our own, Nigerian international model, Mayowa Nicholas. The 18 year-old keeps making her way to the peak in every step of the way. This included.

This collection is a fun mixture of a sheer embellished gown, a floral v-neck wrap dress, floral pants with a colorful sweatshirt, a mono-strap gypsy dress, silk jumpsuit with ruffles and a denim fringe jacket.

See photos below….










Go girl!

Love the collection? Tell us in the comment box…

Changing your style doesn’t have to be a drastic decision that you make at a moment’s notice. This is because you do not want to deal with a sudden unrecognizable new look that could make you uncomfortable in front of your friends.

Start with these 5 style updates to make this transition a simple yet overwhelmingly positive experience. Whenever you feel like wearing one thing, wear the other instead.

  1. Crew necks to Blazers; Image result for black dapper guyStart your style with the addition of a few pieces of clothing that are versatile and timeless like a blazers, a white dress shirt and a denim trousers.
  2. Graphic t-shirts to basic v-necks;v neck  Graphic prints are distracting, loud and they tend to exude a casual vibe. Upgrade to a plain t-shirt with a V-neck as these are easier to pair and they frame the face better.
  3. Plastic watches to man watches;watch A quality watch with a leather or steel band is key. If you prefer lighter-colored clothing, then go for a brown or gold watch.  A black or silver watch works better for darker clothing.
  4. Loose denim to fitted denim;fitted jean Make it your aim to find a pair of well-fitted pair of jeans. Slim-fit or straight leg often do the job.
  5. Running shoes to Leather sneakers;leather sneakers Leather sneakers can elevate your outfit really quickly . A smart pair of sneakers can offer a casual look but with a little confidence can also be worn with a suit.

Being a stylish to guys should be effortless. Just follow these tips and get it right like a pro!

Share with us your tips to upgrading your look in the comment box….

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Kareema Mak kicks off the the festive season with a bright and bold campaign titled All I Want For Christmas. The luxury fashion house is season ready with a campaign filled with velvet, lace and bright prints. As Christmas is known to be “the most wonderful time of the year”, the brand is set to clothe the Kareema Mak Woman in signature pieces that will leave her looking confident,stylish and of course, wonderful.
 All I Want For Christmas - PresentsAll I Want For Christmas - Redcomplete fashion+kareem amakAll I Want for Christmas - CoverAll I Want for Christmas - Dinner DressAll I Want For Christmas - FlowersAll I Want For Christmas - Party PrintAll I Want For Christmas - Something Bluecomplete fashion+kareem amakAll I Want for Christmas - Boxes and Bows
Photography : Prince Meyson @princemeyson
Make Up : Nene Ndukwu @beautyby_nene
Decor : Angelika’s @angelikasthehomestore
Models : Ruth @akeleruth of @bethmodelafrica , Doyin @thedoyinshow and Chinny @thechinnyy of @catch22models
Styling/Creative Direction : The Style Concierge @thestyle_concierge
Brand : Kareema Mak @kareemamak


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  Cool kicks are totally in right now but the big question is whether or not they are appropriate for wearing to work. The short answer...