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Cool kicks are totally in right now but the big question is whether or not they are appropriate for wearing to work. The short answer is  maybe. Of course, you’re the best one to gauge what you can wear at your workplace because let’s face it sneakers won’t suit every office but if worn well they can definitely look office appropriate. Here’s how:

1. Only wear new or clean sneakers. If you’re wearing sneakers to work then they better look spotless. Dirty, scuffed kicks simply won’t cut it in the office.


2. Pick a cool pair. Not all sneakers are created equal so be sure to chose a pair that will work  8d488bde5a445bfe20e82640f8f2489b.jpg (266×765)


3. Dress them up with black pants, skirts and dresses. Black always looks chic and has a way of making most outfits look instantly stylish. So pair your sneakers with a stylish pair of tailored black pants or a long-line skirt or dress. Resist the urge to wear tight jeans or denim as this always shouts weekend.



4. Wear your best bag. Accessories do become important when wearing sneakers to work. You want your entire outfit to look polished and a structured handbag will help you achieve this. Save your oversized floppy bags for the weekend.bc97c4cbb73a16482f8f75eebca79928.jpg (299×783)


5. Have fun with it and show your personality. Sneakers may be traditionally seen as weekend wear but if you want to wear them to work you almost need to make a little more effort with your outfit. The juxtaposition between a tailored look and a pair of sneakers will really highlight the fact that the sneakers are there to make a bold (420×560)


6. Try white, black, grey, navy, tan – or metallic. Classic black or white sneakers are the obvious choice but don’t rule out grey, navy, tan or even metallic. The main rule of thumb is to avoid bright colors like pinks, red and bright blues and greens as these will always look more at home in the gym than in the office.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.14.48 PM


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The high waisted pencil skirt is one of the unmissable basics in a woman’s wardrobe. I bet you have a form-fitted skirt in your closet, I bet it’s black, and I bet that you pair it with a white shirt 80% of the time. But what about being more playful, and start to wear it everyday?

The “Bon Ton” Style: Pencil Skirt Tucked Top

Styling a pencil skirt with the top tucked in is one of the best alternatives you have if you want a simple and stylish outfit that doesn’t look too obvious. Plus, it’s a great choice if you want to enhance your body shape and look taller.

Here’s how:

  • When you tuck a top right at the waist level, it makes your legs look longer, so your figure is re-proportioned to look longer and slimmer.
  • When the waistband is thick, it will also keep your stomach tucked in together with the top, taking off inches from your waistline.
  • If you are petite, or have a short bust, consider keeping a similar shade for the top and bottom of your outfit, so your figure looks balanced. The leather high waisted pencil skirt in the outfits above is a good example!
  • On the other hand, if you feel your bust is too long, tuck in a top in a contrasting hue, and it will look a bit shorter.

But what if you can’t decide on what kind of top you should tuck in?

In that case, just use this simple rule: the thinner, the better!

So while you can wear just like every kind of top on your pencil skirt, make sure the fabric isn’t too thick so you can stay comfy and the top will be seamlessly tucked in.

The Easy Style: High Waisted Pencil Skirt Loose or Untucked Top

Image result for black girl pencil skirt and tucked top

There are many ways of wearing a pencil skirt with an untucked top, and every time you’ll get a different mood

  • If you love structured and flattering tops, you can opt for a bold look wearing a peplum top. Pairing it with a high waisted pencil skirt will keep an accent on the waistline, but at the same time, it minimizes big hips.
  • A simple t-shirt on a tight pencil skirt is one of the trending model off-duty outfits. And in fact, it makes the classic pencil skirt high heels outfit look more relaxed and easy.
  • Are you looking for a cushy and cozy outfit? Then just pair any pencil skirt with a big cozy sweater and you’re done. For how comfy this look seems, it’s also very flattering and gives you a fresh twist. My only suggestion here is just to wear it with heels, to avoid looking like a penguin because of the cloth volume on the top of your body!
  • A preppy outfit is another great mood to get with a high waisted pencil skirt and untucked top. Just make sure you wear a soft cardigan and make it interesting adding a shirt or some funny accessories, like bold necklaces, bracelets or just a cool bag.

The Sprint Style: High Waisted Pencil Skirt Flats

Image result for black girl pencil skirt and flats

Flats are everything in spring and summer, that’s why they look great with colored outfits and bare legs.

Here’s some stylish ways to wear flats and athletic shoes under a pencil skirt:

  • Preppy and prints: a printed high waisted pencil skirt with a simple top and a pair of sandals or ballerinas, immediately make a mood without the need of adding accessories, makeup and all the rest. That’s the perfect style for those days when you wanna look put together without much effort. Just one side-note. When you opt for flats pay attention to the hemline of your skirt and keep it a bit above the knee, or you’ll look too old fashioned.
  • Sneakers and running shoes? Yes! Because if you know how to style them, they look good even under a gown. Here’s the secret: try to make them coherent with the rest of the outfit, at least for one thing. It might be a color accent or a sporty twist you add with other accessories, whatever that makes understand you didn’t just grab the first things in your wardrobe!

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Must Have Suits for men. Every gentleman must own a suit in their wardrobe, as it is part of your identity and portrays your classy personality.

Here are a few must have suits for your wardrobe:

Navy Blue Suit

This adds class and sophistication to you whenever you put it on.

Charcoal Grey Suit

charcoal grey suit

This suit isn’t common but should be part of your go-to collection for when you want to make an impression.

Medium Grey Suit

medium grey suit

This is a lighter version of grey. It is stylish as well as formal and gives a serious look.

Dark Brown Suit

Dark brown suits

Black Suit

black suit

This is a classic and a definite must have for every man. It can never disappoint and it completes your wardrobe.

A suit is like a gentleman’s armor, so suit up.


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So bow tie blouses are now in season, do you remember a time when anything with belt or bows were so old fashioned and a burden to wear?, well look what came back.

You can either pair it with culottes, frayed hem jeans, wide legged pants or mini skirts/ button down skirts, shorts; go for mules, ankle boots, block heels, cut-out pumps and creepers respectively for a perfect combination.

A Girl And Her Bow


Pant Suits

Ladies, time to suit up. A pant suit portrays confidence. Ladies can also look good in one.

Ladies can pull this look off for formal events with heels to match.

Pant Suits 1

Looking good is pretty simple with the right styling. Add a camisole to make it more amazing.

Pant Suits 2

A printed pant suit adds class to your ensemble, and keeps people admiring your outfit.

Pant Suits 3

Pant suits also work perfectly for your evening wear or a night out on the red carpet.

Remember how we used to wear our sweatshirts in school to keep warm and to proudly flaunt our school name? Those days are gone! Now it is time for us to refashion the humble sweatshirt and learn how to wear a sweatshirt too.


Here are a few chic ways to dapper up and look sexy in them, by learning how to wear a sweatshirt outfit in chic ways. Please read on and wear them right when the wintry times blow harsh and cold!

1. Flaunt your diva style

2. Tell the world why you love winters

How To Wear Sweatshirt

3. Sizzle in sarcasm


Ways To Wear Sweatshirts

4. Be an empath

Sweatshirt jumper

5. Readers make leaders


Sweatshirt for women

6. Pair them with ciggy pants

Hooded sweatshirt

7. Pair them with a pair of stone washed denims

Women hooded sweatshirt

8. Wear them with a long waist coat an a tight belt

Long sweatshirt

9. Sizzle it up for the days when you are alone with him

Over size sweatshirt

From college to work, at home or when out on a date or with friends too, there are many ways to style the sweatshirt, just as you would with any cardigan or woolen top in your wardrobe. Check these styles out and find more new ways to wear sweatshirts.

10. Black leggings with a polka dotted sweat shirt for the evening out with the girls

Polka dotted sweat shirt

11. Throw a crocheted stole around the neck for the ultimate diva look


Crocheted stole

12. An off shoulder sweatshirt can be worn with a midi skirt

Off shoulder sweatshirt

13. Crumpled jeans and a dark sweatshirt for the street style fanfare to come through

Dark sweatshirts

14. Check shirts with a sweatshirt to wear on a coffee date

Ways To Wear Sweat shirts

Use your imagination this time and flaunt the ways you would like to show the world on how to wear sweatshirt. Here are a few choices and inspirations to emulate!

15. Patched sweatshirts with a pair of jeans and pumps for the feet for friday dressing

Patched sweatshirts

16. Boyfriend shorts and a sweatshirt for the summerish feel when camping with friends

Sweatshirt with shorts

17. Long hooded sweatshirts with black opaque leggings for the night time parties

Long hooded sweatshirts

18. Sweatshirts and a pair of cuffed jeans for the street style lass who cares two hoots about the world

Sweatshirt with jeans

19. Sweatshirts and harem pants when attending your friends night stay pajama party

Wifi pizza sweatpants sweatshirt

20. Chunky dangling earrings with ripped denims and a chunky metallic sweatshirt for the girls night out!

Metallic sweatshirt

21. Long disney themed sweatshirts with short flair skirts, why not?

Disney themed sweatshirts

22. Chunky sweatshirts with super sexy leather pants for the midnight rendezvous when out on a long drive

Chunky sweatshirts

23. Sweatshirts to work with the same hued pants and heels to flaunt!

Plain sweatshirts

There are actually no hard and fast rules as such when wearing a sweatshirt is talked about. We would say wear it as you please, as long as you know how to wear it for an occasion called for! Here are some more ways on how to wear your sweatshirt and look chic!

24. Lets get fit and work for it at the gym in dark sweatshirts with dark yoga pants

Sweatshirts for yoga

25. A chunky cuff and collared shirt with a sweatshirt and a pair of ripped denims looks haute enough, don’t you think?

Sweatshirt and ripped denims

26. Steal the show at a day time beach party with a buttoned sweatshirt and black leggings to make a statement!


Buttoned sweatshirt

27. Classic style inspiration wearing a leather midi skirt and a gray sweatshirt

Gray sweatshirt

28. On a sunny wintry day, come out to play wearing a pair of hot pants in denim touches and a chic warm sweatshirt for comfort!

White sweatshirt

29. A floral sweatshirt and a pair of denims for the shopping saga this Christmas, why not?

Floral sweatshirt

30. A DIY tie and dye romper sweatshirt worn as a romper, can make a lot of heads turn!

Tie and dye romper sweatshirt

Share with us how you rock your own sweatshirt…

If you are going out for drinks in the afternoon on a weekend, then a toned down stylish look is what you should try to achieve. Pair a dress with sneakers or a pair of jeans with a peplum top and some flats. In this scenario, comfort and simplicity is key as you do not want to out looking overdressed.       fe 9fe 10

Dinner date

Simple sophistication is what you should aim for. Wear a loose fitting dress and a pair of heels for an elevated look. You can decide to belt up your dress to show off your figure if you want to.fe 7fe 6fe 5fe 4

After work date

It is important that you go home and shower before going on your date. Pick an outfit that is casually corporate so you do not look overdressed on a work night. So you may choose to pair a pencil skirt with a t-shirt and a pair of mules to elevate your look. Be sure to accessorize.fe 2fe 3complete fashion+date

Try these tips out and let us know how it works out for you.

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Shirtless Suiting

So right now there is the trend of putting on suits without shirts or camisoles, sounds like a perfect idea right? Well just incase you don’t have a thing for blending right in with the current fashion happenings, you can style yours with a scarf choker and wear the pair with pumps or minimalist sandals.

Shirtless Suiting

completefashion+Shirtless Suiting

Shirtless Suiting

completefashion+Shirtless Suiting

Shirtless Suiting

completefashion+Shirtless Suiting

Which look is your favorite?


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  Cool kicks are totally in right now but the big question is whether or not they are appropriate for wearing to work. The short answer...