Fashion Essentials For Guys That Will Transform You

Fashion Essentials For Guys That Will Transform You

Changing your style doesn’t have to be a drastic decision that you make at a moment’s notice. This is because you do not want to deal with a sudden unrecognizable new look that could make you uncomfortable in front of your friends.

Start with these 5 style updates to make this transition a simple yet overwhelmingly positive experience. Whenever you feel like wearing one thing, wear the other instead.

  1. Crew necks to Blazers; Image result for black dapper guyStart your style with the addition of a few pieces of clothing that are versatile and timeless like a blazers, a white dress shirt and a denim trousers.
  2. Graphic t-shirts to basic v-necks;v neck  Graphic prints are distracting, loud and they tend to exude a casual vibe. Upgrade to a plain t-shirt with a V-neck as these are easier to pair and they frame the face better.
  3. Plastic watches to man watches;watch A quality watch with a leather or steel band is key. If you prefer lighter-colored clothing, then go for a brown or gold watch.  A black or silver watch works better for darker clothing.
  4. Loose denim to fitted denim;fitted jean Make it your aim to find a pair of well-fitted pair of jeans. Slim-fit or straight leg often do the job.
  5. Running shoes to Leather sneakers;leather sneakers Leather sneakers can elevate your outfit really quickly . A smart pair of sneakers can offer a casual look but with a little confidence can also be worn with a suit.

Being a stylish to guys should be effortless. Just follow these tips and get it right like a pro!

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