Video: Do These 7 Things To Grow Fast Long, Strong and Healthy...

Video: Do These 7 Things To Grow Fast Long, Strong and Healthy Hair – Efik Zara

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Beauty vlogger Efik Zara has a new video and it’s all about tips to help you grow long, strong and healthy hair. Zara has natural hair but a lot of the tips apply to all hair types, like avoiding heat and trimming your ends when necessary. Here’s what she said;

Just wanted to share my 7 “Dos” for growing and retaining natural hair! I’ve used these practices to grow my hair long, thick, and healthy. They are my type 4 staples but they work very well for all hair types. I hope you enjoy!

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Just to add a few tips of my own;

  • Eating right goes a long way when it comes to the health of your hair and your body in general. Think garbage in garbage out, it’s really that simple. Keep your hair moisturised as well.
  • A daily scalp massage could also go a long way, it stimulates your hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It also feels very nice and relaxing so you have nothing to lose.
  • Protective styling is great, when you’re not manipulating your hair all the time, it reduces the chances of breakage or damage from the weather/climate. Protective styling helps you retain length so you loose less hair in comparison to how much your hair grows and eventually, your hair will seem longer.
  • Avoid heat as much as possible and find other ways to stretch your hair and use a satin scarf bonnet to help you protect your hair at night. Use a t-shirt to dry your hair when wet, not a towel.

All these tips are things I do regularly (except the daily massage which has worked well for TheChicNatural) but it has worked for me in the past and it feels so good!